Mary Jardine VEOP

Vermont State VEOP Achievers

The Achiever Award is presented to a VEOP alum who was enrolled in and successfully completed a post secondary program of study resulting in a baccalaureate degree. The recipient ust be of high stature within his/her community and have been recognized for outstanding academic achievement. Participation in a VEOP program must have made a significant impact, as acknowledged by the participant.

Mary Hever Jardine Named 2015 VEOP Achiever

On October 13th Mary Jardine was named the 2015 VEOP Achiever at the Vermont Educational Opportunity Program’s annual conference, held this year at Vermont Technical College. The VEOP Achiever Award is given each autumn to an educational opportunity program participant who has successfully completed postsecondary study and received recognition for academic achievement, is a person of high stature within his or her profession, and has made significant civic, community, or professional contributions. Mrs. Jardine has been an important member of the Lyndon State College Upward Bound community for over fifteen years and began her involvement as a hardworking high school student from Lyndon Institute.

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