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Options, Tests, and the Long Legs of TRiO

Here are a few things for you to think about as you travel through your college career:

TRiO is Everywhere: The Federal TRiO Programs are established throughout the United States and can continue to help you along your path to completing your college degree and beyond! Most colleges that our students attend have TRiO Academic Support Services (SSS) that will offer you free scholarship money that could be as much as your PELL grant! Almost all precollege students are eligible for this award. Additionally, they are there to support you, give you advice about classes and professors, help you with tutors and loan you laptops. We have made all of our students aware of this program, but it is good to connect with these professionals at your college before things go south and you need them … us and contact SSS!

McNair Scholars: Thinking about getting a PhD? The TRiO McNair is the program for you. McNair is like Upward Bound, but rather than stay on campus, make a little money and prepare for the SAT, you stay on campus, do some research, make lots of money (as much as $5000 a summer!), receive a laptop and prepare for the GRE’s. All at their expense. The goal of McNair is for you to complete a degree that will allow you to teach at the college level or get a PhD to become a researcher! There are programs throughout New England and 179 programs across the United States including the University of Vermont, the University of New Hampshire, St. Lawrence University, Boston College and UMASS Boston. Vermont UB Alum Heather Taylor has taken full advantage of this program and has traveled on some one else”s money for three years! She is now pursuing her PhD in California.

PRAXIS: If you are considering being an education major you should know that if you scored over 1100 combined on your SAT, with at least 500 in both the math and verbal sections you will not have to take the PRAXIS I test required for most education majors. If you are not sure of your score or the specific details, talk to your advisor or someone in the admissions office at your college. If you have questions about this, call VEOP. Save yourself time, aggravation and money.

GRE Waivers: We have been told that you as former TRiO or GEAR UP students are probably eligible for waivers to take the GRE. If your college has a Support Services program check there, if not, go to your Financial Aid office. It will save you about $50 should you receive a GRE waiver. And chances are all of you would do better on the GRE now while you’re in school rather than later on.

LSAT’s or MCATs: If you are interested in Law School or Med School, many TRiO programs will help you pay for these required exams. As you know we want to support your higher education efforts. Additionally, if you go back to college to work on a terminal degree, Vermont”s TRiO programs will help Support you!