What is a College Preparatory Curriculum

The following list includes the minimum requirements for most universities. Although some colleges will admit students with less than these, we have never had a student tell us they were too prepared for college level work. Our goal in TRiO is to make sure our students can not only be admitted to college, but also thrive once they get there. We know what we do works: more than 12,000 TRiO and GEAR UP students are preparing for college right now. Academic preparation is the key to success in college! Remember that our students are competing against students that have 7-8 Advanced Placement courses when they apply to college. Our students need to push themselves in the classroom and take advantage of all of the opportunities that Upward Bound. Talent Search and GEAR UP provide!

Minimum Entrance Requirements

  • 4 Years of college preparatory English
  • At least 3 years of college preparatory mathematics
  • Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry
  • ACG Guidelines expects a 4th year
  • 2 years of the same foreign language
  • We always recommend more and some majors and colleges want 4 or 5 years!
  • At least 2 years of a lab science (physics, biology, chemistry) plus 2 other years
  • At Least3 years of social sciences (history, psychology, economics, etc.)

CHECK the VSAC Website

VSAC has been working very hard to provide access to all Vermont students as they prepare for college. The VSAC Website has many useful tools to help you start to think about careers, colleges and the path you are already on as a member of Vermont’s TRiO Programs. All Sophomores and Juniors should start looking through their website to help prepare your for summer.

Go to and you can either click on the Start Where you Are icon or go directly to the

Explore Careers and the Plan for College tabs towards the top. Then click on VT Guidance Central part way down the page. This will pop-up the starting window: Where you can Plan for Your Future. Create a new portfolio and you can be on your way! In “Your Portfolio”, you can store all your personal information, interests, courses you’ve taken and the career and education options you’ve explored. Lastly, it has a place for you to record everything you’ve done in the college exploration process and it tells you what’s left to be done.

The main site has 3 major parts to it, and it will help you start examining possible career paths and educational institutions and what schools offer your interests and are a good match. Then the website lays out information about grants, scholarships, loans and the financial aid process at college. It appears to be a great tool to get you going in the right direction. Take some time to check it out!!!